Terms & Conditions

  • Our Terms and Warranties are standard and are an essential part of our business. We don’t know you and you don’t know us and so an element of trust has to be established.
  • From the moment you sign a contract with us we start spending your money. Windows and doors have to be ordered and a Building Regulations application has to be made..
  • We ask you for 10% of the contract sum with the order and a further 15% after the pre-contract survey has been carried out.
  • If planning permission is required then we only take a 10% deposit until a decision is reached. Once you have consent the other 15% is taken before work commences and after survey.
  • Once your work has been completed we ask you to pay the balance (75%) of the contract sum.
  • You should not wait for your Building Regulations Completion Certificate before paying the balance.
  • Further Terms and Conditions are written on the back of our contracts.


Trust Mark

Trust Mark
Government Endorsed Standards